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Electronic Equipment Repairs


The Alonex Electronic Lab performs the complicated repairs and refurbishing of electronic PC Boards, on the electronic component level.


These are the highly professional tasks executed by extra qualified electronic and software design engineers. Analog, mixed-signal and computer boards utilizing SMT and multi-layer PCB technologies, modern and old fashion, discontinued legendary electronics of many and many applications, are successfully serviced by the Lab.


Repair procedure include the following phases:

- deep cleaning and visual observation

- corrosive and damaged printed wires recovery

- full/partial schematic diagram creation if required

- circuit analyses for fault sources

- damaged electronic components replacing

- preemptive replacing of all the potentially problematic electronic components

- uCU/uPU- and PLD software/firmware backing-up

- circuit functionality testing, in-lab and field ones


In addition to the deep repairing, unique irreparable electronic cards are HW and SW reverse engineered and remanufactured.

Either Circuit Or Unit,

We Repair It, Indeed!




No Matter How Deep The Problem Is Located,

We Discover It, And Successfully Resolve It!


























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