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Electronic Engineering E. Engineering

Electronic Repair Services E. Repairs

Computer Systems Maintenance Comp. Systems

Memory Devices Burning Memory Burning



Industrial Electronics Repairs AX-REP

Computer Systems Maintenance AX-IPC

Memory Devices Burning AX-PGM


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North Area:

Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd.

MATAM Advanced Technology Center,

Building 22, Haifa 31905

Tel.: 04-8557095, Fax: 04-8557097


Center Area:

Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd.

P.O.Box 1377, Holon 5811203

Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048



Bio-Med, Scientific Lab Equipment Servicing & Chemistry related projects:

Dr. Nino Eliahu, Ph.D Organic Chemist: 054-7549967



Field Representatives:

We invite electrical, mechanical, hydraulic specialists for a co-operation in servicing industrial and special purpose machinery in the field.



Purchasing contacts:

Our purchasing department is not interested on, and will ignore any phone, facsimile, e-mail, or SMS offerings and advertisements. All serious proposals should be posted to P.O.Box 1377, Holon 5811203.


























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