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The Experience Is Here!

Electronic Laboratory


The Alonex Laboratory is qualified as the most professional electronic lab in Israel. The art of electronics is live here, in Alonex. This fact is recognized by many customers, and we do all in order to keep it on.


The laboratory has been fully equipped with all the necessary diagnostic, test and measurement equipment, enabling achieving the success in solving of  virtually any SW and HW problem, as to either an electronic unit's fault or to a boring "bug" of new electronic circuit. The engineers have been armed with several  EPROM and FLASH programmers by different vendors, with In-Circuit-Emulators of the most popular processors and microcontrollers, with CAD schematic capture and electronic circuits simulation programs, with a complete set of soldering and de-soldering tools.


The purchasing team of Alonex has constructed an extensive network of local and foreign electronic components suppliers. Even discontinued long time ago, hard-to-find electronic components are delivered as quick as possible with special orders.


And the most important reason of our success, is our people, who are actual professionals in electronic, in embedded computer programming, in linear and discrete servo control, in process automation; who hold different scientific degrees and keep the professionalism on the deserved level.


The Art Of Engineering Is Here!

The Art Of Electronics Is Here!


























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